Pina Earth

Company Overview

Pina Earth, formerly known as Pina, is a climate-focused industrial company based in Munich, BY, Germany. The team comprises 8 members, and the company operates within the broader industrials sector, specifically targeting climate resilience and carbon storage solutions. Pina Earth offers high-quality carbon credits from European forests to support the conversion of pure stands into climate-resilient mixed forests.

Founders and Expertise

Pina Earth was founded by experts in sustainability science, software engineering, and machine learning. Their diverse backgrounds in these fields enable the company to develop advanced solutions for forest carbon projects. By combining knowledge in these areas, the founders aim to promote climate resilience and biodiversity while providing tangible carbon storage benefits.

Digital Tools and Data Monitoring

Pina Earth provides a comprehensive digital suite designed for data collection, monitoring, and certification of forest carbon projects. These tools enable forest owners to manage and validate their carbon projects efficiently. The platform supports high-quality carbon project initiatives by offering precise data tracking and robust monitoring capabilities.

Partnerships and Media Presence

Pina Earth is supported by several notable partners, including BMWi, ESA, EIT Climate-KIC, Y Combinator, Microsoft, and Google. The company's innovative approach and significant impact have been featured in leading media outlets such as Zeit Online, Handelsblatt, TechCrunch, Startbase, Sifted, and Wirtschaftswoche. These partnerships and media features highlight the credibility and reach of Pina Earth's initiatives.

Pilot Projects and Regional Focus

Pina Earth has initiated active pilot projects spanning over 1,000 hectares in Germany. These projects exemplify the company's commitment to promoting climate protection and biodiversity in European forests. By focusing on regions such as Germany and Europe, Pina Earth aims to create climate-resilient mixed forests that contribute to long-term environmental sustainability.

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