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About Hunter Dunlap

Hunter Dunlap is a Software Engineer and Managing Director at Boscor Group, focusing on sustainable land management and forestry. He collaborates with Pina Earth on forest adaptation projects to enhance biodiversity and climate resilience.

Known information

Hunter Dunlap serves as a Software Engineer and one of the two managing directors at Boscor Group, a prominent land management company in Germany known for its sustainable practices in agriculture and forestry. With over 15 years of experience in his family’s business, which has a 40-year history in sustainable land management, Dunlap has a deep commitment to environmental stewardship. He is responsible for the forest and woodland areas at Boscor Group, which is the largest land manager in the country.

In addition to his role at Boscor Group, Dunlap works with Pina Earth, a company that specializes in providing high-quality carbon credits from local forests to transform monocultures into climate-resilient mixed forests. At Pina Earth, he is part of a team that supports forest owners in financing their adaptation measures, allowing companies to actively contribute to climate protection. His work involves creating digital twins of forests, using scientifically tested models to project natural forest development and adaptation measures under climate change effects. These projects are validated by TÜV NORD CERT and aim to increase biodiversity and ensure the permanence of forest adaptation efforts. Dunlap’s collaboration with Pina Earth reflects his view of the company as a fact-based, serious organization committed to meaningful environmental projects.

About Pina Earth

Pina Earth, based in Munich, Germany, offers carbon credits from European forests to promote climate resilience and increase biodiversity. The company, supported by partners like BMWi, ESA, and Y Combinator, provides digital tools for forest owners to start and manage high-quality carbon projects.

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