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Laura Müller is the Co-Founder and CEO of Pina Earth, a company focused on transforming monocultures into climate-resilient mixed forests in Germany through high-quality carbon credits.

Laura Müller: Product Manager and Co-Founder of Pina Earth

Laura Müller serves as the Product Manager and Co-Founder of Pina Earth, an impact-driven company aimed at combating climate change through high-quality carbon credits. Her role involves overseeing the development of innovative solutions that transform monoculture forests into climate-resilient mixed forests. With a strong focus on sustainability, Müller's contributions are pivotal to Pina Earth's mission of enabling companies to make meaningful climate contributions.

Education in Sustainability Science and Resource Management

Laura Müller holds a PhD in Sustainability Science from LMU Munich, equipping her with deep expertise in sustainable practices and climate science. Additionally, she completed her Master’s degree in Sustainable Resource Management from TU Munich. These academic credentials provide Müller with a comprehensive understanding of environmental issues and sustainable resource use.

Summer Traineeship at Kearney

In 2016, Laura Müller participated in a summer traineeship at leading global consulting firm Kearney. During this period, she gained critical skills and insights that later played a significant role in the founding of Pina Earth. This experience provided her with practical business knowledge and a professional network that has been beneficial in her entrepreneurial journey.

Co-Founder of 180 Degrees Consulting Munich

Laura Müller co-founded 180 Degrees Consulting Munich, a consultancy focused on social impact projects. Through this venture, she has contributed to various initiatives aimed at promoting sustainable development and social responsibility. This experience underscores her longstanding commitment to leveraging business strategies for positive social and environmental outcomes.

Participation in Y Combinator Accelerator Program

Pina Earth, co-founded by Laura Müller, was accepted into the prestigious Y Combinator accelerator program. This program has been instrumental in scaling the company, providing resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities with top-tier investors. Notably, Pina Earth completed a €2.4 million seed funding round and raised a total of $2.5 million from notable investors like XAnge, Nordstar, and Climate Capital during this time.

Pina Earth's Projects and Achievements

Under Laura Müller's leadership, Pina Earth manages projects spanning over 1,000 hectares of forest in Germany. The company offers high-quality carbon credits from regional forest adaptation projects, aiming to turn monocultures into climate-resilient mixed forests. Pina Earth's projects are validated by independent auditors including TÜV Nord, ensuring transparency and credibility. Additionally, the company employs advanced technology and scientifically tested models to calculate forest development and adaptation measures.

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