Ansgar Erhart

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Ansgar Erhart, with a PhD in Sustainability Science, co-founded Pina Earth in 2021, a company focused on transforming monocultures into biodiverse forests and driving climate resilience through innovative projects.

Ansgar Erhart Professional Overview

Ansgar Erhart is currently a Founder's Associate with a background in sustainability science. He has been actively involved in several significant projects and organizations, demonstrating a strong focus on sustainability and innovative solutions. He co-founded Pina Earth in 2021 and has participated in numerous impactful initiatives in forest management and carbon offset projects.

Education and Expertise

Ansgar Erhart holds a PhD in Sustainability Science from LMU Munich and a Master's degree in Sustainable Resource Management from TU Munich. His academic background is complemented by practical experience, having completed a summer traineeship at Kearney in 2016. His advanced education provides a strong foundation for his work in sustainability and resource management.

Pina Earth Activities and Achievements

As a co-founder of Pina Earth, Ansgar Erhart has been instrumental in launching projects on over 1,000 hectares of forest in Germany. The company has notably been a part of the Y Combinator accelerator and secured €2.4 million in seed funding. Pina Earth focuses on forest adaptation methodologies and nature-based solutions for carbon dioxide reduction, partnering with entities like Earthly and Patch. The company’s projects are independently validated by TÜV Nord according to ISO standard 14064-2.

Previous Roles and Contributions

Before co-founding Pina Earth, Ansgar Erhart co-founded 180 Degrees Consulting Munich, a nonprofit firm that provides consulting services to social enterprises. He has also been part of the Management Team at the Center for Digital Technology and Management (CDTM) and worked with Boscor Group on sustainable land management and forestry. Additionally, he collaborated with Fokus Zukunft on carbon offset projects aimed at enhancing climate strategies.

Sustainability Initiatives and Partnerships

Ansgar Erhart's commitment to sustainability is reflected in his involvement in various initiatives and partnerships. Pina Earth, the company he co-founded, focuses on making forests climate-resilient and aims for the decarbonization of all business activities by 2045. The company's projects align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, specifically aiming to transition to 100% renewable electricity by adhering to SDG 7, 'Clean Energy'.

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