Sarah Meßmer

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About Sarah Meßmer

Sarah Meßmer is the co-founder and CEO of Pina Earth, a climate tech startup that focuses on transforming monoculture forests into biodiverse and climate-resilient ecosystems in Germany.

Known information

Sarah Meßmer holds a PhD in Sustainability Science from LMU Munich and a Master’s in Sustainable Resource Management from TU Munich. She completed a summer traineeship at Kearney in 2016, where she acquired crucial skills that later aided in founding Pina Earth. Sarah co-founded 180 Degrees Consulting Munich and was part of the Management Team at the Center for Digital Technology and Management (CDTM). In 2021, she founded Pina Earth, which was later accepted into the Y Combinator accelerator. Pina Earth focuses on offering high-quality carbon credits from local forests in Germany and works on projects that aim to turn monocultures into climate-resilient mixed forests. The company’s efforts are detailed in its 2022 Sustainability Report, highlighting initiatives in employee empowerment, collaboration with local forest owners, and sustainable operations. Pina Earth’s projects are validated by TÜV Nord and comply with the ISO standard 14064-2. Under Sarah’s leadership, the company has launched projects on over 1,000 hectares of forest and completed a €2.4 million seed funding round. Sarah is committed to maintaining a low carbon footprint for Pina Earth and fostering an inclusive work environment.

About Pina Earth

Pina Earth, based in Munich, Germany, offers carbon credits from European forests to promote climate resilience and increase biodiversity. The company, supported by partners like BMWi, ESA, and Y Combinator, provides digital tools for forest owners to start and manage high-quality carbon projects.

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