Leos Paul Bloch

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Leos Paul Bloch is a leading sustainability consultant and business development leader at Pina Earth, specializing in the creation of carbon credits and forest conservation projects.

Leos Paul Bloch: Leading Sustainability Consultant

Leos Paul Bloch holds the title of Leading Sustainability Consultant. In his role, he oversees activities that further environmental sustainability and promote eco-friendly practices. His expertise and leadership in this field underscore his commitment to fostering sustainable development.

Business Development at Pina Earth

Leos Paul Bloch leads Business Development at Pina Earth, where he is instrumental in driving projects that focus on creating carbon credits. His responsibilities include liaising with forest owners, defining project areas, reviewing forest inventory, and determining essential forest adaptation measures. His efforts ensure that Pina Earth's projects align with the latest environmental standards and contribute to credible climate action.

Collaboration with Forest Owners and Auditors

Leos Paul Bloch works closely with both forest owners and independent auditors to ensure the success of Pina Earth's projects. His role involves defining project areas and thoroughly reviewing forest inventories to determine the necessary forest adaptation measures. For certification, he collaborates with independent auditors, including TÜV Nord, to ensure projects comply with the ISO standard 14064-2.

Carbon Credits and Certification Standards

At Pina Earth, Leos Paul Bloch is deeply involved in the creation and management of carbon credits. The projects he oversees are audited by TÜV Nord and are certified under the ISO standard 14064-2. Pina Earth also aims for its projects to be certified under the German 'Wald-Klimastandard,' ensuring they meet stringent environmental criteria.

Belief in Nature-Based Solutions

Leos Paul Bloch advocates for the use of nature-based solutions, highlighting their availability, affordability, and scalability as effective means for credible climate action. His belief in these solutions is reflected in the mission and activities of Pina Earth, which focuses on making substantial contributions to environmental sustainability.

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