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About Julius Gemmingen - Guttenberg

Julius Gemmingen-Guttenberg is the Co-Founder and CEO of Pina Earth, a company that offers high-quality carbon credits from regional forest adaptation projects in Germany, validated by TÜV Nord.

Known information

Julius Gemmingen-Guttenberg, having completed a notable summer traineeship at Kearney in 2016, leveraged the skills he acquired there to co-found Pina Earth, where he serves as CEO. Pina Earth focuses on enabling companies to make effective climate contributions through high-quality carbon credits derived from regional forest adaptation projects in Germany. These projects are not only the first German climate protection initiatives on the Earthly platform but are also validated by the independent auditor TÜV Nord, ensuring compliance with the ISO standard 14064-2. The audit reports confirm that the carbon sink performance of these projects is quantified in a conservatively appropriate manner. Gemmingen-Guttenberg’s prior experience includes roles at Kearney, Strato, Liefergrün, Südvers, Fokus Zukunft, trans-o-flex, Patch, and SQUAKE, and he has been featured in ZEIT. His company collaborates with the Boscor Group and partners with Fokus Zukunft to allow companies to integrate forest adaptation projects into their climate strategies. Pina Earth’s initiatives contribute to numerous UN sustainability goals and are supported by a team of experts who offer services in climate strategy development, sustainability reporting, and educational workshops. Gemmingen-Guttenberg emphasizes an inclusive work environment and works closely with local forest owners to enhance forest health and diversity while minimizing climate risks. Committed to sustainability, he ensures that Pina Earth maintains a minimal carbon footprint and makes annual contributions to offset its own environmental impact, aiming to expand the company’s positive impact without proportionally increasing its environmental footprint.

About Pina Earth

Pina Earth, based in Munich, Germany, offers carbon credits from European forests to promote climate resilience and increase biodiversity. The company, supported by partners like BMWi, ESA, and Y Combinator, provides digital tools for forest owners to start and manage high-quality carbon projects.

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