Rownd Employees

Company Overview

Rownd is a B2B company headquartered in Raleigh, NC, USA. The team comprises 7 members and is part of the security sub-industry. The company participated in the Y-Combinator Winter 2022 batch. Their services are available across regions including the United States, America/Canada, and both remote and partly remote setups.

Services and Solutions

Rownd provides various services aimed at enhancing user registration and retention on websites and apps through frictionless sign-ins. They allow customization of authentication methods, eliminating the need for static login pages. Companies using Rownd’s solutions reportedly see a 50% increase in conversions within weeks. Their product offerings include Seamless Device Transition, Automations, Passwordless Sign In, The Rownd Platform, Instant Accounts, Extended Sessions, SDKs, APIs, Adaptive Authentication, and Zero-Trust Authentication. They also provide a JWT debugger tool named, a WordPress plugin for passwordless authentication, and an auth snippet for easy integration.

Industries Served

Rownd serves several industries such as Health and Wellness, Entertainment, E-commerce, B2C Growth, and Mobile Adoption. Their solutions are designed to cater to the unique authentication needs of these sectors, providing secure and seamless user experiences to help businesses enhance user engagement and retention.

Partnership with NEAR Foundation

Rownd has announced a partnership with the NEAR Foundation. This collaboration aims to revolutionize the Web3 user experience by integrating Rownd's advanced authentication solutions. This partnership underscores Rownd’s commitment to enhancing security and user experience in emerging technology spaces.

Comparison with Other Authentication Solutions

Rownd offers a comparative analysis of their services against other authentication solutions such as Auth0, Firebase, AWS Cognito, and home-built authentication systems. This comparison helps potential clients understand the unique advantages that Rownd’s frictionless, adaptive, and secure authentication solutions offer over traditional systems.

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