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all companies with second time founders

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Feb 23, 2024
Company Name Website Reason
Circular Circular's founders have extensive experience and previous ventures, indicating they are second-time founders.
Origami Therapeutics, Inc. Origami Therapeutics, Inc. was founded by Beth Hoffman, who has a history of successful drug discovery, indicating she is a second-time founder.
AirMyne The founders, Sudip Mukhopadhyay and Mark Cyffka, have prior experience at Honeywell and Chemetall-BASF respectively, indicating they are second-time founders.
Jutsoo The founders have over 11 years of experience in the local technology industry, indicating this is not their first venture.
Eventual The CEO, Sammy Sidhu, and CTO, Jay Chia, have prior startup and acquisition experience, indicating they are second-time founders.
Verdn Verdn was started by Chris and Rory, who have previously worked together and have experience in the green-tech space, indicating they are second-time founders.
Anja Health Anja Health's founder, Kathryn Cross, started the company after her brother, who had cerebral palsy, could not find a stem cell match due to being mixed race. This indicates she is a second-time founder, aligning with the query.
Koko Koko's co-founder, Rob Morris, started the company as a side project during his time at MIT, indicating that Koko is his second venture after his involvement with Airbnb, making him a second-time founder.
Marathon Education One of the co-founders, Tung, is a serial tech entrepreneur who grew his last startup to 500 employees, indicating he is a second-time founder.