Christoph Brändle

Founder's Associate @ Pina Earth arrow icon

Christoph Brändle serves as the Founder's Associate.

Christoph Brändle - Founder's Associate

Christoph Brändle holds the position of Founder's Associate. In this role, he is likely responsible for assisting the company's founder with various strategic and operational tasks. His duties may include project management, market research, business development, and other functions that support the founder's objectives. Founder's Associates often act as a bridge between the founder and different departments within the company, ensuring that the founder's vision is communicated effectively and executed efficiently.

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Dr. Christine Rzepka is the Founder's Associate at Pina Earth, a company specializing in certified climate protection projects in Germany, leveraging her corporate strategy skills honed at Kearney.

Julius Gemmingen-Guttenberg is the Co-Founder and CEO of Pina Earth, a company that offers high-quality carbon credits from regional forest adaptation projects in Germany, validated by TÜV Nord.