Dr. Gesa Biermann

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About Dr. Gesa Biermann

Dr. Gesa Biermann is the co-founder and CEO of Pina Earth, a company specializing in carbon removal projects in Germany, which has successfully raised significant funding and is certified by TÜV NORD CERT.

Known information

Dr. Gesa Biermann, holding a PhD, co-founded Pina Earth alongside Florian Fincke and Jonas Kerber. Under her leadership as CEO, Pina Earth was chosen by Y Combinator from over 17,000 applications and received a pre-seed investment of $500,000 from the same. The company later secured a $2.5M seed funding round with contributions from notable investors such as XAnge, Nordstar, Climate Capital, and individuals including Gustaf Alstromer and Lea-Sophie Cramer. Prior to founding Pina Earth, Dr. Biermann gained experience at Kearney as a summer trainee in 2016. Pina Earth, primarily operating in Germany, utilizes data from the Bundeswaldinventur for baseline calculations in their projects. These projects, which are predominantly located in regions like Thuringia, Brandenburg, Bavaria, and Baden-Wuerttemberg, focus on generating carbon removal certificates, with a smaller portion dedicated to carbon avoidance certificates. All of Pina Earth’s projects adhere to the ISO 14064-2 standard, as certified by TÜV NORD CERT.

About Pina Earth

Pina Earth, based in Munich, Germany, offers carbon credits from European forests to promote climate resilience and increase biodiversity. The company, supported by partners like BMWi, ESA, and Y Combinator, provides digital tools for forest owners to start and manage high-quality carbon projects.

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