Edlyft offers a range of services designed to support and empower students in the field of computer science. The company provides Pre-Onboarding Modules to engage new talent before they start, a Community Forum for finding solutions, Diversity Recruiting services to diversify teams, and Academic Support including mentorship and career guidance. Additionally, Edlyft operates a platform where students can become mentors, furthering their mission to empower students and help them secure top jobs.

Company History

Edlyft was formerly known as 'Zimela' and 'Curricula'. The company has grown and evolved over the years and is now a notable player in the B2B productivity sub-industry. It was part of the W20 Y-Combinator batch, which has significantly contributed to its growth and reputation. The company has been featured by Forbes, Y Combinator, AfroTech, and Business Insider, highlighting its ongoing contributions to the tech and education sectors.


Edlyft operates primarily from San Francisco, CA, USA, but maintains a fully remote model, allowing team members to work from various locations. This operational model supports its broad geographic reach, including the United States, America/Canada, and other remote regions.

Supporters and Investors

Edlyft has garnered support from leading tech executives and investors. Notable supporters include Jeff Weiner, Executive Chairman at LinkedIn; Emilie Choi, President & COO at Coinbase; along with Y Combinator, Kapor Capital, and Kleiner Perkins. This backing from industry leaders underscores the company's innovative approach and strong potential in the market.

Team and Workplace

Edlyft consists of a small team of 5 dedicated members. The company promotes a mission-driven work environment and offers a range of benefits for its employees, including Healthcare Coverage, Fully Remote Work, Time Off, and Unlimited Vacation. Edlyft values include Empowerment, Diversity, Collaboration & Inclusion, and Accountability, ensuring a supportive and engaging workplace for all team members.

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Edlyft Employees

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