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Feb 23, 2024
Company Name Website Reason
LunaJoy The founders of LunaJoy, Dr. Shama Rathi and Dr. Sipra Laddha, are mentioned, indicating that the company has BIPOC founders.
BBy The company is co-founded by Vansh Langer MD and Blanca Aguilar Uscanga PhD, indicating BIPOC leadership.
Anja Health The founder, Kathryn Cross, started Anja Health after her brother, who was mixed race, couldn't find a stem cell match, indicating she is likely a BIPOC founder.
Avocademy Avocademy's student demographic includes 65% BIPOC, indicating a strong representation of BIPOC individuals among its participants.
Marathon Education The company is co-founded by Duc, a former education private equity investor, and Tung, a serial tech entrepreneur in Vietnam, indicating that at least one of the founders is of Vietnamese origin, which aligns with the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) criteria.
Moni The founders, Femi (CEO) and Dapo (CTO), are likely BIPOC, given the company's focus on Africa and typical naming conventions.
SALT One of the founders, Udita Pal, is a woman, which aligns with the BIPOC founders query.
ZeusCloud The blog posts mention authors named Vishal Jain and Varun Jain, suggesting they may be the founders. The names suggest they could be BIPOC, matching the query.
Convoy Subomi Oluwalana, identified as Co-Founder & CEO in the website content, suggests BIPOC leadership.
Seabound Alisha Fredriksson, a co-founder of Seabound, has a background that includes studying at the Mahindra United World College of India and founding a social enterprise called Seema, suggesting she may be from a BIPOC background.
Tuva Health One of the founders, Coco Zuloaga, has a Hispanic or Latino name, suggesting they may be a BIPOC individual.
Cotera Cotera's 'About' page lists Ibby Syed as a founder, indicating a match for the query regarding BIPOC founders.
MosaicVoice The 'About us' page lists Julian McCarty and Chishun Kwong as CEO, Co-founder, and CTO, Co-founder respectively, indicating diverse leadership which could align with the query for BIPOC founders.
Touch and Pay Technologies Limited The company's leadership team includes individuals with names that suggest they may be from BIPOC backgrounds.
Gym Class - by IRL Studios The cofounders mentioned, Matthew Harris, Justin Hubert, and Paul Katsen, indicate a diverse founding team, suggesting that the query for BIPOC founders may be satisfied.
Flightcontrol The co-founders of Flightcontrol, Brandon Bayer and Mina Abadir, are mentioned by name, suggesting a direct knowledge of the founders' identities, but there is no explicit mention of their racial or ethnic backgrounds to confirm they are BIPOC.
Remedial Health The 'About Us' page mentions Samuel Okwuada and Victor Benjamin as CEO & Co-Founder and COO & Co-Founder respectively, indicating that the company has founders who may be considered as part of the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) community, based on their names and the company's operations in Nigeria.
Mederva Health The co-founders, Sabih Mir and Dr. Mohammed Kaleel, have backgrounds indicating they are from BIPOC communities, with family origins in Kashmir, Pakistan, and Palestine.
BlackOakTV BlackOakTV's mission and operations are focused on serving black viewers and creators, indicating that the founders likely identify as BIPOC.
Therify Therify partners with The Body Prjct to offer free therapy to Black and Brown runners, indicating BIPOC founders' involvement or focus.