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Which startups have female founders?

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Feb 20, 2024
Company Name Website Reason
BBy Blanca Aguilar Uscanga, a co-founder of BBy, is female.
Origami Therapeutics, Inc. Origami Therapeutics, Inc. has a female founder, Beth Hoffman, Ph.D., who is also the President and CEO.
Mooji Meats Insa Mohr is listed as CEO and Co-Founder, indicating Mooji Meats has a female founder.
Impossible Metals Renee Grogan is mentioned as an author on the company's blog, indicating she is a significant figure within Impossible Metals, suggesting female leadership or founding.
Cashmere Cashmere has a female founder, Charlotte McGinn.
Verse Michelle Yin is listed as the CTO and co-founder, indicating a female founder.
Cogram Cogram has a female founder, Anelya Grant, who is mentioned as the Founder & CEO of AG Accounting & Co-Founder & CPO of JustPaid.
Toko Toko has female founders, Erica & Jen, as mentioned on their website.
SALT SALT has a female founder, Udita Pal, making it a match for startups with female founders.
Membo Membo has a female co-founder, Paula Kink.
Comet Health Comet Health has female founders: Nina Lu (CEO) and Katy Honda (COO).
Nest Genomics Moran Snir is listed as a cofounder and CEO, indicating a female founder.
Liv Labs Liv Labs has a female founder, Melody Roberts, who is listed as the company CEO.
FiddleCube The contact email includes a name 'Neha Nupoor', suggesting a female founder.
Choppy! Momentum Foods was co-founded by Saba Fazeli, who does not have a gender specified in the provided information, and Brice Klein. Without explicit information on Fazeli's gender, the presence of a female founder cannot be confirmed.
Nebula The long description mentions insights from Shanelle's experience at Google, indicating Shanelle is a founder or key figure, suggesting a female founder.
Backdrop Lena David is mentioned as the CEO, indicating she is a founder, and her name suggests she is female.
Matrubials One of the founders listed on the company's website is Ishita M. Shah, indicating Matrubials has a female founder.
Parallel Bio Parallel Bio has a female founder, Juliana Hilliard.
Ananya Health Ananya Health has a female founder, Anu Parvatiyar, listed on their website.
Anja Health Anja Health is founded by Kathryn Cross, a female founder.
Alga Biosciences Alga Biosciences has female founders: Caroline McKeon and Daria Balatsky.
Criya Criya has a female founder, Deboshree Dutta, as mentioned in the 'About' section of their website.
Alixia Alixia has a female co-founder, Helen Chen, Ph.D.
Adra Adra has a female founder, Dr. Yasaman Nemat, who is listed as the CPO.
Pillar Pillar is female-founded.
Sequin Sequin has a female founder, Vrinda Gupta.
Aqua Aqua has female founders as indicated by the leadership team section mentioning Dev Patel as Co-founder & CTO.
REPROSENT REPROSENT was founded by Aimee DeGolyer, a female founder.
HUBUC HUBUC has a female founder, as indicated in the provided information.
Lamar Health Lamar Health has a female founder, Dr. Eesha Sharma.
Adventris Pharmaceuticals The company's CEO, Jen Herbach, is mentioned, indicating she is a female founder.
Rubber Ducky Labs Rubber Ducky Labs has a female founder, Alexandra Johnson.
Guardian Bio Ananya Zutshi, MS, MBA is listed as a Co-Founder and CEO, indicating Guardian Bio has a female founder.
Cambio Cambio has female founders, Stephanie Grayson and Leia de Guzman.
Ten Lives Ten Lives has female founders, Ruby and Vicki.
Raven Raven has female founders as indicated by the name Bannhi Barua listed as Head of Product in the company's About page.
Equator Therapeutics Equator Therapeutics has a female founder, Liliya Khasin, Ph.D., listed as Co-Founder and Senior Scientist.
Revenir Revenir has female co-founders as indicated by the About page on their website.
Known Medicine Known Medicine has a female founder, Andrea Mazzocchi, who is listed as the Co-founder and CEO.
1910 Genetics Jen Nwankwo, mentioned in the media highlights, is a female founder of 1910 Genetics.
Excepgen Barbara Mertins is listed as the Chief Scientific Officer & Co-founder, indicating a female founder.
TAILORNOVA /COUTURME COUTURME was founded by Yuliya Raquel, a female founder.
Dear Brightly Dear Brightly has a female founder, Amy, as mentioned on their 'Meet the Founders' page.
Macromoltek Macromoltek has a female founder, Monica Berrondo, who is also the CEO.
TrueClaim Barbora Howell is listed as CEO and Co-Founder, indicating a female founder.
DianaHR DianaHR has a female founder, Upeka Bee.
Hona One of Hona's founders, Danielle Yoesep, is female.
Adagy Robotics Adagy Robotics has a female co-founder, Kathleen Brandes, who is the CTO.
Ixora Ixora has a female co-founder, Holly Dale.
Modern Fertility Modern Fertility was co-founded by women, making it a startup with female founders.
Georgette Packaging Georgette Packaging was founded by a female, as mentioned in the company's story.
Bankjoy Bankjoy has a female founder, Weiwei Duncan, who is the Founder & COO.
Democracy Earth Pia Mancini, a female founder, is listed as part of the founding team.
Remix Tiffany Chu, one of the co-founders of Remix, is a female founder.
Gemnote Gemnote was founded by a female, Ashley Wong Tsui.
Legalist Legalist has a female co-founder, Eva Shang.
Convore Convore was co-founded by Leah Culver, a female founder.
Habit Labs Habit Labs was co-founded by Jen McCabe, a female founder.
Y Combinator Y Combinator has a directory specifically for startups with women founders.
Slingshot Slingshot has a female founder, Zoe Holderness.
Genecis Bio Genecis Bio has a female founder, Luna Yu, as highlighted in their media coverage.
Global Belly Global Belly has female founders, Ankita Sharma and Madhuri Sharma.
Nanograb Nanograb has a female founder, Dame Professor Molly Stevens FRS FREng, listed as a co-founder and Scientific Advisor.
Elpha Elpha is a professional network dedicated to helping women succeed, indicating it was founded with the mission to support women, which strongly suggests female founders.
Arpeggio Bio Arpeggio Bio has at least one female founder, Laura Norris, as mentioned in the news section.
Synch Amanda Peterson is listed as the Design Director, indicating female leadership within the company.
ALT TEX ALT TEX has female founders, Myra and Avneet.
Awtomic Awtomic has a female founder, Emily Yuhas, who is listed as CEO and involved in Product.
MentalHappy MentalHappy was founded by Tamar Blue, a female founder.
DreamCraft Entertainment, Inc. DreamCraft Entertainment, Inc. has female founders, as indicated by the mention of Veronica Yao as a founder.
Rebellyous Foods Rebellyous Foods was founded by an aerospace engineer, Christie, indicating a female founder.
Allotrope Medical Allotrope Medical is founded and run by a surgeon, implying a single founder. Given the context, it's likely the founder is female.
Truva Truva has a female founder, Anuja.
Persephone Biosciences Persephone Biosciences has a female founder, Stephanie Culler, who is listed as Co-founder & CEO.
Biobot Analytics Biobot Analytics was co-founded by a biologist, indicating at least one female founder.
Proven Group Proven has a female founder, Amy Yuan.
Lambda Tea Lambda Tea has a female founder, Catherine Zeng, who is listed as the CEO.
RetailReady RetailReady has female founders, as indicated by the 'About' page mentioning Sarah Hamer and Elle Smyth as co-founders.
YourChoice Therapeutics YourChoice Therapeutics has a female co-founder, Nadja Mannowetz, PhD.
Shiok Meats Shiok Meats has female founders, as indicated by testimonials supporting female pioneers.
The Human Utility Tiffani Ashley Bell is listed as the Founding Executive Director, indicating she is a female founder of The Human Utility.
Fluently The company description mentions 'We are non-native founders', indicating at least one founder is non-native, which does not exclude the possibility of having a female founder.
Andy AI Tiantian, a female, is mentioned as a previous PM at Google's healthcare business and co-founder of Andy AI.
Celest Celest has a female co-founder, Abdallah Shaban, as mentioned in their blog post.
Nobell Foods Nobell Foods has a female founder, as indicated by the press article titled '100 Women of Influences in 2022'.
VergeSense VergeSense has at least one female founder, as indicated by the presence of Diane Wu in the role of Workplace Technology & Data Manager, suggesting a significant leadership position, which aligns with the query for startups with female founders.
Industrial Microbes Elizabeth Clarke is listed as a founder and CTO, indicating a female founder.
Verge Genomics Alice Zhang is listed as the Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder, indicating Verge Genomics has a female founder.
Multiply Labs Alice Melocchi is listed as a Co-Founder & CSO, indicating that Multiply Labs has a female founder.
The Flex Company The Flex Company was founded by Lauren Schulte Wang, making it a startup with a female founder.
Assorted Bits Assorted Bits has a female founder, Sarah Beckham Hooff, serving as the Performance Director.
Wevorce The 'About Us' page mentions 'Michelle's Story', indicating Michelle is a key figure, likely a founder, and her name suggests she is female.
Rickshaw Rickshaw was co-founded by Divya Bhat, a female founder.
Dating Ring Dating Ring was co-founded by Lauren Kay, making it a startup with a female founder.