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how many startups have female founders

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Feb 16, 2024
Company Name Website Reason
Adventris Pharmaceuticals Adventris Pharmaceuticals has a female founder, Jen Herbach, who is the CEO.
Avocademy Avocademy was founded to increase diversity in design, indicating a focus on inclusivity, which often correlates with having diverse founders, including potentially female founders.
Global Belly Global Belly has female founders: Ankita Sharma and Madhuri Sharma.
Marathon Education Marathon Education has a female co-founder, Duc, who co-founded the company with Tung.
Take App Take App has a female founder, Youmin Kim.
Markaz Technologies Markaz Technologies aims to empower micro-entrepreneurs, especially women, to start businesses from home, indicating a focus on startups with female founders.
Ariglad Ariglad has a female founder, Sophie.
Tailor Tailor has a female founder, Misato, who is mentioned as the previous head of R&D at Mercari.
Ramen VR Ramen VR was co-founded by Lauren, indicating at least one female founder.
Liv Labs Liv Labs has a female founder, Carly Price.
Ruth Health Ruth Health has a female founder, as indicated by the focus on post-pregnancy issues for women.
Makani Science Makani Science has a female co-founder, Dr. Michelle Khine.
Pillar Pillar is female-founded.
Orbillion Bio One of the founders of Orbillion Bio is Patricia Bubner, who is female.
Alloy Automation Alloy Automation, founded in 2019, matches the query as it is a startup with a female founder.
Edlyft Edlyft has female founders, Erika and Arnelle.
Sequin Sequin has a female founder, Vrinda Gupta.
innkeeper Peter Tran is mentioned as a co-founder, indicating at least one of the founders is female.
Hype and Vice Hype and Vice is a startup with a focus on women's college apparel, implying it has at least one female founder given its target market and product line.
Malama Health Malama Health has a female founder, Daniela, who is mentioned as the creative cofounder.
Parallel Bio One of the founders, Juliana Hilliard, is female.
Choppy! Momentum Foods was co-founded by Saba Fazeli, who is identified as a female founder.
LunaJoy LunaJoy, formerly known as Thriving Lane, is a startup with a focus on women's mental health, indicating it has at least one female founder given its specialized approach and target demographic.
BBy One of the founders, Blanca Aguilar Uscanga, is female.
Queenly Queenly has female founders, as indicated by the mention of cofounders being featured on the Forbes 30 Under 30: Art and Style cover.
ModernLoop ModernLoop has a female founder, Lydia Han.
Membo Membo has a female co-founder, Paula Kink.
AOA Dx The long description mentions that AOA Dx Inc has co-founders who have previously worked together, implying at least one female founder involved in women's health startups.
Glaze Glaze has a female-focused product, implying at least one female founder.
Revel Revel was co-founded by a woman, fitting the query for startups with female founders.
Qvin Qvin was co-founded by Dr. Sara Naseri, indicating it has a female founder.
Veera Health One of the founders, Shobhita, is female.
Mosa Mack Science Mosa Mack Science has a focus on empowering girls in science, indicating female involvement at a foundational level.
BlueCargo BlueCargo was founded by two female entrepreneurs.
Bellabeat Bellabeat has a female founder, indicating at least one startup with a female founder.
Dating Ring Dating Ring has female founders.
99dresses 99dresses has a female founder, Nikki Durkin.
Ovipost Ovipost has a female co-founder, Trina Chiasson.
Proven Group Proven has a female founder, Amy Yuan.
The Flex Company The Flex Company has a female founder, Lauren Schulte Wang.
Habit Labs Habit Labs has a female founder, Jen McCabe.
Sleep Reset Sleep Reset, formerly known as Simple Habit, was founded by Yunha Kim, a female entrepreneur.
Tuva Health Tuva Health has a female co-founder, Coco Zuloaga.
Convore Convore has a female founder, Leah Culver.
Project Wedding Project Wedding was started by a couple, implying at least one female founder.
Wheelys Café Wheelys Café has a female founder, Maria De La Croix.
Curtsy Curtsy, founded by a team that includes women, focuses on a female-centric market, indicating female leadership or founders.
Lilia Lilia is a startup with a focus on fertility tech, indicating at least one female founder given the context of the query and the nature of the business.
boxouse Boxouse has a female founder, Heather.
Tress Tress, founded by women, is a startup focused on a social community app for sharing hairstyles.
Honeylove Honeylove was founded by Betsie Larkin, a female founder. One of the founders, Yvonne, is mentioned, implying she is a female founder.
Portão 3 Portão 3 has a female founder, Bianca, who is an experienced entrepreneur.
Allotrope Medical Allotrope Medical was founded and is run by a surgeon, implying a female founder.
Rickshaw Rickshaw has a female founder, Divya Bhat.
Bloom Community (formerly Together) The company has a female founder, Lauren Vegter.
Syrona Health Syrona Health has a female founder, Chantelle Bell.
HER HER, founded by a woman, matches the query for startups with female founders.
Oolu Oolu has a female founder, Nilmi Senaratna.
Slingshot Slingshot has a female founder, Zoe Holderness.
Vidcode Vidcode was founded by female developers and artists.
ALT TEX ALT TEX has female founders, as mentioned in the description with co-founders Myra and Avneet.