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Which startups have female founders?

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Feb 20, 2024
Company Name Website Reason
Zidisha Zidisha was founded by Julia Kurnia, making it a startup with a female founder.
Noora Health Edith Elliott is listed as a Co-Founder and Co-CEO, indicating Noora Health has a female founder.
Dating Ring Dating Ring was co-founded by female founders, including Emma Tessler and Lauren Kay.
One Month One of the co-founders, Mattan Griffel, is mentioned but no female founders are listed, indicating it does not match the query for startups with female founders.
Cashmere Cashmere has a female founder, Charlotte McGinn.
Anja Health Anja Health is a startup with a female founder, Kathryn Cross.
Verse Michelle Yin is listed as the CTO and co-founder, indicating a female founder.
Seabound Seabound has a female founder, Alisha Fredriksson, who is also the CEO.
Adra Adra has a female founder, Dr. Yasaman Nemat.
Pillar Pillar is female-founded.
Aqua Aqua has female founders, as indicated by the leadership team section mentioning Dev Patel as a co-founder.
Ananya Health Ananya Health has female founders: Anu Parvatiyar and Julie Yip.
Adventris Pharmaceuticals The company's CEO, Jen Herbach, is mentioned, indicating she is a female founder.
Slingshot Slingshot has a female founder, Zoe Holderness.
Ten Lives The company Ten Lives has female founders, Ruby and Vicki.
Truva Truva has a female founder, Anuja, as mentioned in the long description.
Healthtech 1 Dr. Lydia van Hamel-Parsons is listed as a founding clinician, indicating a female founder.
Nanograb Nanograb has a female founder, Dame Professor Molly Stevens, listed as a co-founder and Scientific Advisor.
Sola Sola has a female founder, Jessica, who is also the CEO.
Synch Amanda Peterson is listed as the Design Director, indicating a female founder or key team member.
Leafpress Leafpress has female founders, Devi and Jianna, as stated in the team page of their website.
DianaHR One of the founders, Upeka Bee, is identified as a female.
Nuanced, Inc. One of the founders, Ayman Nadeem, is female.
BlueCargo BlueCargo was founded by two female entrepreneurs.
DreamCraft Entertainment, Inc. DreamCraft Entertainment, Inc. has female founders, as indicated by the mention of Veronica Yao as a founder.
Ixora Ixora has a female co-founder, Holly Dale.
Dorian therapeutics Dorian Therapeutics has a female founder, Maddalena Adorno, Ph.D., serving as CEO.
HiOperator HiOperator has a female founder, Liz Tsai, who is also the CEO of the company.
Vidcode Vidcode was founded by female developers and artists.
Bellabeat Bellabeat was founded by a woman, Urška Sršen, making it a startup with a female founder.
CareMessage CareMessage has a female co-founder, Cecilia Corral.
Rickshaw Rickshaw was co-founded by Divya Bhat, who is a female founder.
Medigram Medigram has a female founder, Sherri Douville, who is listed as the President, CEO & Board Member.
Convore Convore was co-founded by Leah Culver, a female founder.
PagerDuty PagerDuty was co-founded by Alex Solomon, who is female.
Anima App Michal Cohen is listed as a co-founder and CPO, indicating a female founder.
Rebellyous Foods Rebellyous Foods was founded by an aerospace engineer, Christie, indicating a female founder.
Allotrope Medical Allotrope Medical was founded and is run by a surgeon, implying a single founder who is likely female as per the query context.
BBy BBy has a female founder, Blanca Aguilar Uscanga PhD, who is a Bioengineering/Food Science PhD.
Origami Therapeutics, Inc. Origami Therapeutics, Inc. has a female founder, Beth Hoffman, Ph.D., who is also the President and CEO.
Mooji Meats Insa Mohr is listed as CEO and Co-Founder, indicating Mooji Meats has a female founder.
Impossible Metals Renee Grogan is mentioned as an author on the company's blog, indicating she is a female founder or key team member.
Verdn Verdn was started by Chris and Rory, indicating no female founders.
iSono Health iSono Health has a female founder, Shadi Saberi, who is listed as the Founder and CTO.
Take App Take App has a female founder, Youmin Kim.
Cogram Cogram has female founders, as evidenced by testimonials from Anelya Grant, Founder & CEO of AG Accounting & JustPaid, and Tamara Sword, Founder & MD of ThoughtLDR, indicating their involvement in the company's development or use.
Alga Biosciences Alga Biosciences has female founders, as indicated by the names Caroline McKeon and Daria Balatsky on the team page.
Toko Toko has female founders, Erica & Jen, as mentioned on their website.
Awtomic Awtomic has a female founder, Emily Yuhas, who is listed as the CEO and involved in Product.
FiddleCube The contact email includes a name 'Neha Nupoor', suggesting a female founder.
Qvin Qvin was co-founded by Dr. Sara Naseri, making it a startup with a female founder.
Dost Education Dost Education has female founders, as indicated by the team page listing Sneha Sheth as Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder and Sindhuja Jeyabal as Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder.
SALT SALT has a female co-founder, Udita Pal. One of the co-founders of is Anelya Grant, who is identified as female.
Rubber Ducky Labs Rubber Ducky Labs has a female founder, Alexandra Johnson.
Nest Genomics Nest Genomics has a female founder, Moran Snir, who is listed as Cofounder / CEO.
Shiok Meats The article 'Scientists or #WomenInScience?' on their website suggests involvement of women in significant roles, implying female founders or key team members.
Excepgen Barbara Mertins is listed as a Chief Scientific Officer & Co-founder, indicating a female founder.
Dyneti Technologies Dyneti Technologies has a female founder, as mentioned in the testimonial 'Julia and team are a delight to work with!' on their website.
AlphaWatch AI One of the founders, Rui Ma, is female.
Mach9 Mach9 has a female founder, Nicole Law, listed as a Geospatial Analyst.
CareerTu CareerTu's founder & CEO, Rui, is listed as a female, indicating the company has a female founder.
Elpha Elpha's mission and services are dedicated to helping women succeed at work, indicating it was founded with the intention to serve women, which strongly suggests female involvement in its founding.
Hedgehog Hedgehog has a female co-founder, Laura D'Asaro.
Malama Health Malama Health has a female founder, Mika, who previously led clinical product innovation at UnitedHealthcare.
Matrubials One of the founders listed on the company's website is Ishita M. Shah, indicating a female founder.
Sequin Sequin has a female founder, Vrinda Gupta, and is designed to empower women financially.
Arrow Arrow has a female founder, Liat Beng Neo, as indicated in the 'About us' section of their website.
Planet A Foods Planet A Foods was founded by Sara and Max, indicating at least one female founder.
TrueNorth TrueNorth's CEO, Jin Stedge, is mentioned as a female founder in the 'About Us' section of their website.
Lumineye Lumineye has a female co-founder, Megan Lacy, as indicated on the company's team page.
Kraftful Kraftful has a female founder, Yana Welinder.
SafeBeat SafeBeat has a female founder, Rachita Navara, MD, FACC, who is listed as the Founder and CEO.
REPROSENT REPROSENT was founded by Aimee DeGolyer, a female founder.
Proven Group Proven's cofounder, Amy Yuan, is a female.
Membo Membo has a female co-founder, Paula Kink.
RetailReady RetailReady has female founders, Sarah Hamer and Elle Smyth, as detailed on their 'About Us' page.
Andy AI Tiantian, mentioned as previously a PM at Google's healthcare business, is a co-founder of Andy AI, indicating a female founder.
CambioML Rachel Hu is listed as the CEO and part of the founding team, indicating she is a female founder.
Lamar Health Lamar Health has a female founder, Dr. Eesha Sharma, who is also the CEO.
Seer Seer has a female founder, Christina Czap, who is also the CEO.
Habit Labs Habit Labs was co-founded by Jen McCabe, a female founder.
Adagy Robotics Adagy Robotics has a female co-founder, Kathleen Brandes, who is the CTO.