AI Guidance Services and Implementation offers comprehensive AI Guidance Services and AI Implementation Services to help organizations integrate artificial intelligence into their operations. These services are tailored to meet the specific needs of various industries, providing end-to-end solutions from consulting and strategy development to deployment and support. leverages its expertise in AI to enhance business processes, optimize operations, and drive innovation.

Industry Operations operates across a diverse range of industries, including Retail, Manufacturing, Financial Services, IT Operations, TMT (Technology, Media, and Telecommunications), and Medical & Beauty. By addressing the unique challenges and opportunities within these sectors, enables clients to harness the power of AI to achieve efficiency, drive growth, and maintain a competitive edge.

Generative AI Solution Center

The Generative AI Solution Center at is dedicated to developing advanced AI models and solutions. This center focuses on leveraging generative AI technologies to create innovative applications that can transform businesses. The center's initiatives include the development of intelligent systems and custom AI solutions tailored to specific business needs.

Research and Development Hub hosts an R&D Hub that collaborates with top universities and scientific institutions. This hub is at the forefront of AI research and innovation, contributing to the advancement of AI technologies. By engaging in cutting-edge research and fostering partnerships with academic institutions, ensures the continuous improvement and development of its AI offerings.

Commercial Projects and Achievements has successfully completed over 200 commercial projects, demonstrating its expertise and reliability in delivering AI solutions. The company has a team of 120 data scientists and engineers who work on these projects to provide high-quality results. Notable projects include the development of an intelligent system to recognize oxbows for WWF Poland and a customized image recognition system for retail analytics, which achieved a significant 93% reduction in data gathering time.

Global Presence

Operating for over 10 years, has established a global presence with offices in the United States and Poland. This international footprint allows the company to serve a wide range of clients across different regions, providing localized AI solutions and support. By maintaining offices in strategic locations, is able to effectively manage and execute projects worldwide.

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