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Mar 1, 2024
Company Name Website Reason
Medium Biosciences Medium Biosciences develops AI models for biomolecule design, indicating they work in AI.
Mentum Mentum uses artificial intelligence to provide insights on financial data, indicating that people working there are involved in AI.
FirstQuadrant FirstQuadrant focuses on AI for B2B sales, offering a suite of AI tools for sales processes, indicating the company works in AI.
KorrAI KorrAI utilizes AI for satellite-based ground motion monitoring, indicating that people working there are involved in AI.
RTHM RTHM collects deep molecular data to develop AI-powered diagnostics, indicating they work in AI.
BotBuilt BotBuilt leverages artificial intelligence and computer vision in its robotic systems for construction, indicating the company works in AI.
Encord Encord specializes in AI, particularly in computer vision and machine learning, offering a platform for data labeling, model evaluation, and data management to accelerate AI model development.
Edge Edge uses AI to provide a patent editor and assistant, indicating their team works in AI.
Diffuse Bio Diffuse Bio is focused on using generative AI for protein therapeutics, indicating their work involves AI.
Versive Versive uses AI to conduct and analyze user interviews, indicating that people working there are involved in AI. focuses on automating software and software understanding with AI, directly aligning with working in AI.
Strong Compute Strong Compute specializes in AI, offering significant speed improvements for neural network training, indicating that people working there are involved in AI.
Tenyks Tenyks is focused on inventing AI technologies for computer vision, making it a match for people working in AI.
Mach9 Mach9 uses AI, specifically machine learning and computer vision, to transform 3D geospatial data into engineering models, indicating the company works in AI.
Scispot Scispot enables the design of data infrastructure, automation of workflows, and preparation of data for machine learning and artificial intelligence, making it relevant for people working in AI.
Cero Cero's team, including Mauricio and Jorge with PhDs in Computer Science, developed an advanced Spanish Language Neural Network (BETO: Spanish BERT), indicating deep involvement in AI for automated patient communication.
Massdriver Massdriver explicitly offers solutions for AI and Machine Learning, providing scalable, secure, and high-performance cloud solutions optimized for AI workloads.
Eventual Eventual is focused on building an integrated development experience for data scientists and engineers to build ML/AI applications, indicating that people working there are involved in AI.
Govdash Govdash utilizes AI to find contracts, read through RFPs, write proposals, and assist with submission preparation, indicating it employs AI technology in its operations.
Query Vary Query Vary is focused on providing tools for the development, testing, and refinement of AI applications, specifically Large Language Models (LLMs), making it a match for people working in AI.
Koko Koko utilizes AI, specifically machine learning and NLP, to detect high-risk search terms and phrases on various platforms and online communities, indicating their work involves AI.
IoTFlows Inc IoTFlows Inc leverages artificial intelligence for monitoring and analyzing machine performance, indicating that people working there are involved in AI.
Mindstate Design Labs Mindstate Design Labs uses machine learning for the design of novel altered states of consciousness, indicating work in AI.
Moonvalley Moonvalley utilizes cutting-edge deep learning video technology to generate cinematic videos, indicating their work in AI.
TRACTIAN TRACTIAN's core offerings involve AI-driven predictive maintenance solutions, as evidenced by their use of AI for insights, diagnostics, and prescriptive maintenance across various industries.
Mindee Mindee specializes in AI, focusing on document understanding through deep learning, making it a match for people working in AI.
Cyble Cyble's use of AI-driven analysis for cybersecurity threat detection and intelligence is explicitly mentioned on their website.
HyperGlue HyperGlue's core mission and services involve designing and deploying artificial intelligence applications, specifically focusing on natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning to analyze large text datasets, which directly involves working in the field of AI. is focused on AI through its development of a data platform for computer vision, which inherently involves AI technologies like deep learning for image segmentation and model predictions.
Automat Automat utilizes AI for robotic process automation (RPA), specifically leveraging large language models and computer vision to automate processes described by customers, aligning with the query for companies working in AI.
Rex Rex, formerly known as BabylonAI, uses AI for fitness and nutrition coaching, including computer vision for workouts and a nutrition chatbot, directly involving work in AI.
Univerbal (formerly Quazel) Univerbal uses AI to provide conversational language learning, indicating the team works in AI.
Scanbase Scanbase employs AI and machine learning for diagnostic test analysis, as evidenced by their AI-powered API and various AI/ML applications detailed on their website.