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voize provides a digital voice assistant tailored for non-desk workers, including those in the healthcare industry, to enhance documentation processes. The AI-driven solution enables users to speak freely into their smartphones, automatically converting speech into structured documentation records. These records are instantly integrated into existing enterprise software systems, streamlining workflows for professionals who typically spend substantial time on documentation tasks. voize's offerings also cater to specific needs such as care documentation, wound documentation with photos, and medication management.


voize offers several solutions designed to optimize documentation and workflow: a mobile care assistant for documentation directly in care settings; specialized solutions for tasks like wound documentation and medication plans; and an SDK for developers to integrate voize's speech recognition into their own applications. The SDK is highly configurable and comes with comprehensive documentation, enabling developers to seamlessly incorporate speech recognition features with minimal code.


voize, originally known as voize GmbH, participated in the Y Combinator W22 batch. The company is based in Berlin, Germany, and focuses on providing B2B productivity solutions. voize was developed with significant input from caregivers and developers, ensuring that its solutions effectively address practical workload challenges in various professional settings.

Integration with Enterprise Software

voize's digital voice assistant integrates directly with existing enterprise software systems, such as Vivendi PD, enhancing workflow efficiency. This integration facilitates the seamless inclusion of structured documentation records into the software systems already in use by organizations, thereby reducing the time professionals spend on documentation tasks from hours to mere minutes.

Team and Locations

voize operates with a small, focused team of four members based in Berlin, Germany. The company serves clients across Germany and Europe, offering both remote and partly remote services to accommodate diverse client needs. This strategic location and flexible service approach enable voize to effectively support a broad range of professional environments.

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