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About Lena Langer

Lena Langer is a professional in PR and Marketing, known for her contributions to the Pflege Digital Podcast and her articles on healthcare technology funding in Austria.

Known information

Lena Langer is a PR and Marketing expert who has made significant contributions to the field of healthcare technology through her media appearances and writings. She was a guest on the Pflege Digital Podcast, an opportunity she used to discuss the impact of digital technology in healthcare. Additionally, Lena authored several articles highlighting developments in healthcare technology funding in Austria, including ‘Oberösterreich beschließt Pflegetechnologiefonds’ and ‘Regierungsbeschluss: Land Kärnten fördert flächendeckenden Einsatz von voize.’ These articles explore regional government decisions to fund healthcare technology, showcasing Lena’s expertise in both public relations and the healthcare technology sector.

About voize

Voize, formerly known as voize GmbH, is a Berlin-based company offering a digital voice assistant designed to streamline documentation processes for non-desk workers, particularly in healthcare.

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