Marcel Schmidberger

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Marcel Schmidberger is the COO and Geschäftsführer of voize GmbH, a company based in Kornwestheim, Germany.

Marcel Schmidberger COO of voize GmbH

Marcel Schmidberger serves as the Chief Operating Officer and Managing Director (Geschäftsführer) of voize GmbH. In his role, he is responsible for overseeing the company’s operations and ensuring that business processes are efficient and effective. His leadership contributes significantly to the strategic planning and overall direction of the company.

Marcel Schmidberger's Role as Managing Director

As the Managing Director of voize GmbH, Marcel Schmidberger leads the company's executive team, setting policies and strategic goals. He plays a crucial role in business development, resource management, and decision-making processes that drive the company's growth and success. His office is located at Kornwestheim, Oststraße 21.

Marcel Schmidberger on Tech Talk Podcast

Marcel Schmidberger was featured in a Tech Talk segment discussing documentation with voize on a podcast. During the segment, he shared insights into best practices for documentation and the innovative approaches voize GmbH employs. This appearance highlights his expertise and thought leadership in the technology sector.

Contact Information for Marcel Schmidberger

Marcel Schmidberger can be reached via email at He is based in Kornwestheim, at Oststraße 21. For any business inquiries or professional engagements, contacting him through the provided email address is the recommended approach.

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