Erik Ziegler

CTO / Geschäftsführer @ voize arrow icon

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About Erik Ziegler

Erik Ziegler is the CTO and Geschäftsführer at voize, a company he co-founded, with a strong background in computer science and a focus on enhancing healthcare and productivity through technology.

Known information

Erik Ziegler, holding the title of CTO and Geschäftsführer, is a graduate of Technische Universität Berlin with a degree in computer science. His professional journey includes a significant tenure as a software engineer at SAP before he ventured into entrepreneurship. Erik co-founded voize alongside Fabio Schmidberger and Marcel Schmidberger, aiming to leverage technology to improve healthcare and productivity. His passion for technology’s role in advancing these sectors is evident in his work and public engagements. Erik is also active on LinkedIn, connecting with professionals and sharing insights related to his field.

About voize

Voize, formerly known as voize GmbH, is a Berlin-based company offering a digital voice assistant designed to streamline documentation processes for non-desk workers, particularly in healthcare.

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