Fabio Schmidberger

CEO / Geschäftsführer @ voize arrow icon

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About Fabio Schmidberger

Fabio Schmidberger is the CEO of a tech company that specializes in AI-driven speech recognition technology, focusing on privacy, data protection, and seamless integration into existing systems.

Known information

Fabio Schmidberger serves as the CEO and Geschäftsführer of a technology company that has made significant strides in artificial intelligence, particularly in the field of speech recognition. His company’s technology is designed to understand dialects, accents, and technical terms while filtering out background noise for clear voice recognition. The technology operates on German servers, ensuring data protection and privacy. It is developed with a strong focus on easy IT integration and can function without an internet connection due to its on-device AI systems. Schmidberger’s company continuously improves its AI through self-learning algorithms that adapt with each user input. The firm has been recognized for its innovative solutions, receiving funding from the Ministry for Economic Affairs, Labour and Energy, supported by the European Social Fund and the State of Brandenburg. It has also been awarded the KfW Award Gründen 2023 for Brandenburg and has implemented projects in collaboration with Diakonie de la Tour in Austria. Schmidberger’s leadership has steered the company through participations in prestigious programs like Y Combinator’s W22 batch and involvement in research projects such as the BMBF-funded PYSA, which investigates speech recognition and AI for nursing. The company aims to automate tedious administrative tasks in various sectors, including nursing, through specialized AI systems, developed in close collaboration with users.

About voize

Voize, formerly known as voize GmbH, is a Berlin-based company offering a digital voice assistant designed to streamline documentation processes for non-desk workers, particularly in healthcare.

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