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IoTFlows Inc, located in Atlanta, GA, operates within the B2B sector, focusing on operations. The company, part of the Y-Combinator W22 batch, employs a small team of two and serves regions including the United States and Canada. IoTFlows provides a comprehensive suite of IoT solutions designed to improve manufacturing and operational efficiencies through real-time data analysis and machine monitoring. Their flagship product, IoTFlows SenseAi, offers features such as plug-and-play installation, 4G cellular connectivity, and sensors for vibration, acoustics, and LIDAR, enabling comprehensive performance analysis of machinery. The platform supports real-time monitoring of overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), machine utilization, and production cycle times, facilitating rapid, data-driven decisions to enhance productivity. Additionally, IoTFlows offers a cloud-based Node-RED service for complex event-driven problem solving and real-time IoT communication. The company also ensures secure device management and connectivity, supporting encrypted message exchanges across various platforms and providing role-based access to integrate teams and devices efficiently. Partnerships with major technology providers like Amazon Web Services, Ericsson, and Microsoft further empower IoTFlows to deliver advanced, reliable solutions.

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