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Netmaker, previously recognized as Gravitl, operates from Asheville, NC, and employs a team of 7 professionals. The company specializes in the B2B infrastructure sector, offering advanced virtual networking solutions. Netmaker’s services are built on WireGuard technology, aiming to provide network speeds up to 10 times faster than traditional methods. The company’s offerings include a variety of features such as Mesh VPN, Egress and Ingress Gateways, Relay, Access Control Lists, DNS, Metrics & Monitoring, Failover, User Management, and an IoT Client Gateway. These features facilitate the bridging of clouds, edge computing, IoT devices, and Kubernetes clusters, enhancing connectivity and management across these platforms. Netmaker participated in the Y Combinator W22 batch and has received endorsements from several companies, including Ahoy Games and Open Circle. The company also provides extensive resources like a dedicated app, GitHub repository, comprehensive documentation, and a partner program. Recently, Netmaker introduced the Managed Endpoints feature, which further simplifies VPN connectivity and management. Their platform supports a distributed systems approach, automating secure connections across devices, clouds, virtual machines, and servers. Additionally, Netmaker offers educational content through their blog, covering topics like secure network requests and comparisons with other VPN technologies, claiming performance superiority in speed tests against competitors like Nebula, OpenVPN, Tinc, and TailScale.

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