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Reshape Biotech was founded in 2018 by a team with expertise in systems engineering, mechatronics, cloud infrastructure, machine learning, and biotech applications. Since its inception, the company has focused on developing innovative solutions to automate everyday tasks for microbiologists. Headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, Reshape Biotech has grown to a team size of 17 and operates globally.


Reshape Biotech provides a platform designed to automate the daily tasks of microbiologists, such as filling plates and analyzing images. This platform utilizes AI and robotics for imaging and analysis, offering features like automated imaging, built-in incubation, automated assessment, and managed data storage. The platform is noted for its flexibility and simplicity, significantly accelerating the time to market for biotech research and development.


Reshape Biotech builds robots tailored for specific functions to ensure ease of use. Their platform is known for being the world's first AI and robotics powered imaging and analysis system for automating visual assays in research. It combines flexible robotics with machine learning, providing features such as scalable robotic platforms and ultimate assay flexibility. These products are deployed globally at leading food, agriculture, and industrial biotech companies.


Reshape Biotech has successfully raised more than €8 million in funding. This capital supports the company’s mission to innovate and accelerate the biotech industry's progress by developing the next generation of lab equipment and supporting infrastructure. The investment aids their continued global operations and product development.


Reshape Biotech operates within the healthcare industry, specifically under the industrial bio sub-industry. The company focuses on automating microbiological processes through advanced robotics and AI, aiming to expedite biotech research and development across various sectors, including food, agriculture, and industrial biotechnology.

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