Company Overview

ACELYRIN focuses on accelerating the development and delivery of transformative medicines for patients. The company explores innovative approaches in immunology to create a clinically meaningful difference compared to standard care. With a corporate culture of 'Courageous Caring,' ACELYRIN prioritizes patients and embraces teamwork to achieve its goals. Headquartered in Agoura Hills, CA, with an office in South San Francisco, CA, the company leverages a global network across pharma, biotech, finance, and academia to access promising therapeutic programs.

Pipeline and Clinical Trials

ACELYRIN has a diverse pipeline, including izokibep, lonigutamab, and SLRN-517. The company has completed enrollment in the izokibep Phase 3 trial for hidradenitis suppurativa and expects to complete the Phase 2b/3 enrollment for uveitis soon. Lonigutamab is undergoing a Phase 1 study for Thyroid Eye Disease. Additionally, SLRN-517, a fully human monoclonal antibody, targets a distinct epitope of c-KIT and is aimed at treating chronic urticaria, prurigo nodularis, bullous pemphigoid, and eosinophilic esophagitis.

Innovative Therapies

ACELYRIN is actively investigating the potential of izokibep and lonigutamab in diseases where differentiated inhibition of validated targets may address unmet patient needs. Izokibep, a small therapeutic protein inhibitor of interleukin-17A (IL-17A), is designed to overcome limitations of monoclonal antibodies and achieve high drug exposure through a single subcutaneous injection. Lonigutamab is an anti-IGF-1R therapy for Thyroid Eye Disease, delivered subcutaneously, and currently in a Phase 1 study.

Corporate Culture and Values

ACELYRIN's corporate culture, termed 'Courageous Caring,' places patients at the forefront and emphasizes collective effort over individual contributions. The company's guiding values include courage, compassion, collaboration, innovation, and a sense of urgency. This culture is designed to foster a collaborative environment that prioritizes patient outcomes and accelerates the development of transformative medicines.

Global Collaborations and Growth

ACELYRIN leverages a global network of relationships across the pharmaceutical, biotech, finance, and academic sectors to access and develop promising therapeutic programs. The company conducts a comprehensive licensing and acquisition search process, focusing on platforms, programs, and products with compelling science or data. ACELYRIN's growth is supported by a strong financing commitment, enabling the advancement of multiple clinical-stage programs.

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ACELYRIN Employees

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