About Alltrna

Alltrna is the world's first tRNA platform company, focusing on deciphering tRNA biology and pioneering tRNA therapeutics to treat thousands of diseases. By leveraging a deep understanding of the central role tRNA plays in the translation of mRNA into proteins, Alltrna aims to unlock new treatment avenues for various genetic disorders.

tRNA Therapeutics

Alltrna specializes in the development of tRNA medicines that can read premature stop codons, addressing diseases caused by the same genetic mutation. The company uses machine learning to reveal the unique language of tRNA biology and design tRNA oligonucleotides with therapeutic properties. This innovative approach has the potential to create targeted treatments for numerous genetic conditions.

Machine Learning in tRNA Research

Alltrna employs machine learning techniques to decode the intricate language of tRNA biology. By integrating these advanced computational methods, the company can design tRNA oligonucleotides with specific therapeutic properties. This cutting-edge technology is crucial for developing precision medicines aimed at genetic mutations.

High-Throughput Assays and Animal Testing

The company utilizes proprietary high-throughput in vitro assays and animal model testing to optimize the effectiveness of tRNA molecules. These rigorous testing methods enable Alltrna to evaluate and refine its therapeutic candidates, ensuring they meet the necessary efficacy and safety standards.

Funding and Financial Milestones

Alltrna has successfully raised $109 million in a Series B funding round. This significant financial backing will be directed towards advancing the development of tRNA medicines for stop codon diseases. The funding milestone underscores the confidence investors have in Alltrna's innovative approach and potential impact on treating genetic disorders.

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Alltrna Employees

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