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Bemlo provides a staffing management platform for healthcare organizations. Their services are designed to manage and fill vacant shifts with vetted professionals. The platform aims to increase retention of healthcare workers by allowing them to work on their terms, thereby providing flexibility. Bemlo offers a marketplace that connects healthcare organizations with qualified professionals to address staffing needs efficiently.


Bemlo is headquartered in Stockholm, Stockholm County, Sweden, with additional offices in London, England, and Oslo, Norway. The company operates within Sweden and across Europe, offering both remote and partly remote services. This geographical reach allows Bemlo to cater to a wide array of clients.


Bemlo serves a diverse clientele, including private and public healthcare organizations of varying sizes. Some of its notable customers include Region Västerbotten, Attendo, Region Norrbotten, Region Västernorrland, and Gävle. These partnerships indicate a strong presence in the healthcare sector, both in regional and national domains.


Bemlo operates in the healthcare industry, specifically in the healthcare services and healthcare IT sub-industries. The company addresses staffing challenges within the healthcare sector, aiming to mitigate the projected shortage of 4 million healthcare workers by 2026. Through its technology platform, Bemlo empowers healthcare organizations to offer flexible working conditions for their employees.

Y Combinator W22

Bemlo is a participant in Y Combinator's W22 batch, which signifies its inclusion in a selective startup accelerator program known for launching successful companies. This association emphasizes Bemlo's innovative approach in the healthcare IT field and its potential for growth.

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