Company History

Storylane, initially known as Storylane, Inc., was launched in 2021. The company is based in Santa Clara, CA, USA. It serves the B2B industry and was a part of the Y Combinator batch S21. Storylane has a team size of 13 and offers its services primarily in the United States, America/Canada, with remote and partly remote options available.


Storylane provides marketing and sales teams with tools to create and share interactive product demos quickly. The platform allows users to generate these demos within 10 minutes. Prospective buyers can self-experience these demos without the need to interact with sales representatives. This is facilitated through a no-code platform that enables teams to capture, personalize, add guides, and publish demos.

Key Features of Storylane's Platform

The Storylane platform offers a no-code solution that simplifies the creation of interactive product demos. Teams can capture, personalize, and add guides to their demos before publishing them. These demos can be embedded on various channels, including websites, email campaigns, and sales follow-ups. This flexibility ensures that potential buyers can engage with the product demos in multiple ways.

Industry and Sub-industry

Storylane operates within the B2B sector, providing tools specifically designed to assist marketing and sales teams. The company's focus is on enabling interactive product demos that can be easily integrated into the client’s outreach and engagement strategies.

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Storylane Employees

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