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Company Overview of Demo Gorilla

Demo Gorilla is a B2B company specializing in the sales industry. Launched on March 28, 2022, the company offers advanced tools and solutions for live SaaS product demonstrations. Demo Gorilla is part of Y Combinator's W22 batch and operates primarily within the United States, including locations in San Francisco, CA, Seattle, WA, and provides remote services. With a team of two, the company provides resources and features aimed at enhancing sales strategies and best practices.

Demo Gorilla Locations

Demo Gorilla operates out of two main locations in the United States: San Francisco, CA, and Seattle, WA. In addition to these physical locations, the company offers remote services, enabling team members and clients to work from any location. This flexible approach allows Demo Gorilla to serve a wide range of regions, including the broader United States, America/Canada, and fully remote environments.

Demo Gorilla Products

Demo Gorilla offers a browser extension designed to facilitate live SaaS demos. Key features include providing contextual presenter notes, tracking notes and metrics back into a CRM, and enabling the sharing of slides and images inline during demos. The extension also includes a UI clean-up feature to maintain focus during presentations. Customization options allow presenters to tailor notes and actions based on the audience or product segment being showcased. Integration with Google Calendar further supports scheduling and time management for demo sessions.

Demo Gorilla Pricing and Plans

Demo Gorilla offers both a free version and a paid team version of its browser extension. The team version is priced at $29 per user per month. This pricing model allows businesses of various sizes to access the company's advanced features for live SaaS demos. By providing both free and paid tiers, Demo Gorilla ensures that its tools are accessible to a wide range of users, from individual salespeople to larger sales teams.

Y Combinator W22 Batch

Demo Gorilla is a graduate of Y Combinator's W22 batch. Y Combinator is a renowned startup accelerator that provides seed funding and support to early-stage companies. Participation in the W22 batch has positioned Demo Gorilla among an elite group of startups known for innovation and potential in the B2B sales sector.

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