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Company Overview of RedBrick AI

RedBrick AI, also known as RedBrick AI (Zantula, Inc.), is a company based in Claymont, DE, USA, and MH, India. The team consists of 13 members working in the B2B sector, with operations spanning the United States, India, America/Canada, South Asia, and remote settings. RedBrick AI is backed by Y Combinator and Peak XV (formerly Sequoia Capital India). The company accelerates the adoption of artificial intelligence in radiology by building software infrastructure to prepare high-quality datasets for training radiology AI algorithms.

Medical Data Annotation Services by RedBrick AI

RedBrick AI provides rapid and collaborative medical data annotation services, specifically designed for radiology AI. The platform offers pixel-perfect annotations, faster segmentation with AI, and ergonomic 3D contouring capabilities. Tools such as the Fast Automated Segmentation Tool powered by Meta AI's SAM facilitate efficient segmentation. The platform supports region growing, thresholding, island removal, Boolean operations, and more for precise annotations. It ensures rapid loading of large 3D studies through intelligent caching and lazy loading, and supports a real 3D viewing experience for DICOM medical images.

Features of RedBrick AI Platform

RedBrick AI offers a range of features, including support for MIP, oblique planes, and photorealistic rendering, which enhance the 3D viewing experience. The platform supports adaptable workflows with user-friendly annotation tools, customizable shortcuts, and native support for medical imagery formats. The customizable viewer experience includes fully customizable layouts and automatic hanging protocols. The platform is designed for AI development in compliant environments, ensuring total ownership of patient and annotation data. It provides control over the annotation process through APIs, SDK, and CLI, and allows integration with third-party storage providers.

Compliance and Validation in RedBrick AI

RedBrick AI is tailored for use in FDA and CE clinical validation studies, offering full audit trails of workflows and support for clinical validation. The platform ensures data safety and compliance, providing total ownership of patient and annotation data while allowing for integration with own or third-party storage providers. The company places significant emphasis on creating an environment suitable for AI development, adhering to stringent compliance standards.

RedBrick AI's Impact in Radiology

RedBrick AI has made significant contributions to the field of radiology AI by enabling leaders in the industry to generate ground truth data 60% faster. The company's infrastructure and tools support the creation of high-quality datasets necessary for training AI algorithms. Its fast and efficient annotation process, coupled with advanced features for 3D contouring and segmentation, help streamline the development and validation of radiology AI models.

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