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About Ritvik Jain

Ritvik Jain is a Product Manager known for his role in improving healthcare processes through AI, as featured in a RedBrick AI case study.

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Ritvik Jain serves as a Product Manager and has been prominently featured in a case study on RedBrick AI’s blog, which discusses the use of AI in making healthcare more accessible. The case study, titled ‘Accessible healthcare using AI - Qure AI & RedBrick AI’, highlights Jain’s significant contributions to enhancing processes and workflows through the implementation of RedBrick AI’s solutions. In 2023, Jain successfully led efforts that resulted in receiving CE Class IIb certification for a Chest CT product. Additionally, he utilized RedBrick AI’s technology in collaboration with European partners to conduct a clinical performance study, further demonstrating the practical applications of AI in healthcare. Jain’s work has also been recognized for the excellent support and collaboration received from RedBrick AI, underscoring his effective partnership and project management skills.

About RedBrick AI

RedBrick AI, headquartered in Claymont, DE, USA, and MH, India, specializes in developing software infrastructure to accelerate the adoption of artificial intelligence in radiology, enhancing dataset preparation and annotation for radiology AI algorithms.

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