Sripad Devalla

Co-founder & CTO @ RedBrick AI arrow icon

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About Sripad Devalla

Sripad Devalla is the Co-founder and CTO of RedBrick AI, known for his critical role in evaluating and selecting data annotation platforms.

Known information

Sripad Devalla serves as the Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at RedBrick AI. Prior to his current role, he conducted thorough investigations of various data annotation platforms available in the market. After a comprehensive evaluation, he concluded that RedBrick AI was the optimal choice for their specific needs. His decision-making and technical insight have been pivotal in shaping the technological direction of RedBrick AI.

About RedBrick AI

RedBrick AI, headquartered in Claymont, DE, USA, and MH, India, specializes in developing software infrastructure to accelerate the adoption of artificial intelligence in radiology, enhancing dataset preparation and annotation for radiology AI algorithms.

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