Company Overview specializes in generative AI content that appears remarkably real. The company automates photorealistic content creation, employing cutting-edge generative AI techniques. Recognized as global leaders in the field, collaborates with top creators on innovative projects. Their expertise encompasses a broad range of applications, from art and video creation to synthetic data generation for privacy-preserving AI model training.

Technological Capabilities leverages advanced tools and methods such as StyleGAN for realistic face synthesis and editing, and neural rendering for creating high-quality virtual environments and realistic 3D reconstructions. The company excels in latent space manipulation to facilitate image editing, style transfer, and attribute modification. Their solutions also reduce flickering and artifacts in AI-generated videos and ensure precise face detection and alignment.

Applications and Services provides a range of services, including live and post-production face swaps, actor de-aging, and resurrecting characters. Their Metaphysic Live platform delivers real-time photoreal faceswaps driven by live actors. Additionally, the company offers fast and scalable realistic dubbing with synchronized lip movements. The Metaphysic PRO platform allows individuals to build and manage a portfolio of high-quality data assets for AI face, voice, and performance, giving users control over their likeness and performance data.

Community and Ethical Practices is dedicated to shaping a positive future for synthetic media through its Synthetic Futures community, promoting ethical and creative applications of generative AI. The company monitors major social and content platforms to detect unauthorized deepfakes of users' faces, voices, and performances. They also assist users in registering copyrights for their photorealistic AI likenesses and voices, emphasizing security and ethical considerations in AI.

Industry Recognition and Partnerships

Named in the TIME 100 Most Influential Companies 2023 for its impact on Hollywood, has notably partnered with CAA to develop generative AI tailored for creative artists. Their industry standing is further reinforced through initiatives like live face replacements and de-aging in movies, showcasing their contributions to the entertainment sector.

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