Altered offers a wide range of AI-powered voice technologies tailored for both media production and real-time use. These include Voice Changer for Media Production, Voice Changer for Real-Time, Premium Text-to-Speech, Voice Cloning, AI Voice Cleaner, and Voice Editor. The company also offers unique Speech-to-Speech Voice Morphing technology, enabling users to change their voice to any of their curated portfolio or custom voices.

Platform: Altered Studio

Altered provides a comprehensive platform called Altered Studio that integrates various Voice AI technologies into a single, user-friendly application. This platform is designed for media production and offers ultra-low latency voice morphing for real-time communication. Users can change their vocal identity, accent, performance style, age, and gender with ease. Altered Studio also includes tools for transcription, translation, and adding voice-over in multiple languages.

Voice Cloning Services

Altered offers a Custom Voice Cloning service that allows users to create specific voices for their projects. This service is versatile, accommodating voices of famous actors, captivating voice talents, or personal acquaintances. The company also provides a platform for creating and using Digital Twins, which are realistic, natural clones of a user's voice for both Speech-to-Speech and Text-to-Speech technologies.

Advanced Voice Editing Tools

Altered offers a Voice Editor designed to simplify voice editing tasks, ranging from everyday edits to advanced AI voice crafting. This tool includes features like Editable History, which allows users to keep track of every change made and modify it as needed. Moreover, the platform integrates with Google Drive for secure access, sharing, and working with audio files directly in the cloud.

Partnership Programs

Altered provides various partnership programs aimed at voice actors, influencers, and affiliates. These programs offer opportunities for collaboration and earning commissions. The company offers a Voice Actor Affiliate Program, Influencer Partnership Program, and Affiliate Program. Additionally, these partnerships allow participants to leverage Altered's technology and platform for mutual growth and benefits.

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