KorrAI Employees

Company Overview

KorrAI operates within the Fintech industry, focusing on the insurance sub-industry. Founded in February 2022, the company is headquartered in the Halifax Regional Municipality, NS, Canada, and also has a location in Toronto, ON, Canada. The team consists of 9 members. KorrAI leverages artificial intelligence to monitor ground motion and land subsidence from satellites, providing fast and accurate risk maps to diverse industries.

Service Locations

KorrAI provides its services primarily in Canada and extends its reach throughout the Americas. The company offers remote services, making it accessible to clients in a variety of locations. This flexibility allows KorrAI to serve a broad range of clients while maintaining a presence in key regions such as the Halifax Regional Municipality and Toronto.

Utilization of Artificial Intelligence

KorrAI employs cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology to monitor land subsidence. This enables the company to measure ground motion accurately and swiftly, identifying potential risks before they turn into disasters. By offering precise risk maps, KorrAI supports clients in making informed decisions in an ever-changing climate.

Y Combinator Affiliation

KorrAI is part of the Y Combinator batch W22. This affiliation places the company among a select group of startups that have undergone intensive mentoring and support from one of the most prestigious startup accelerators in the world. Being part of this batch underscores KorrAI's innovative approach and potential for growth within the Fintech and insurance sectors.

Industry Applications

Specializing in risk identification and subsidence monitoring, KorrAI provides valuable services to various industries within the Fintech and insurance sectors. Their technology aids in preventing potential disasters by offering timely and precise risk maps. This information enables different sectors to make smarter, more informed decisions regarding risk management.

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