Simon Irving

Remote Sensing Geologist @ KorrAI

Simon Irving is a Remote Sensing Geologist at KorrAI, specializing in spectral analysis and client delivery.

Simon Irving Remote Sensing Geologist

Simon Irving serves as a Remote Sensing Geologist at KorrAI. In his role, Simon manages integrations and client delivery, ensuring that the company meets its service commitments effectively. His responsibilities include supporting spectral analysis for various applications, leveraging his expertise in remote sensing to provide accurate and actionable data to clients.

Simon Irving Background in Exploration Geology

Simon Irving possesses a background in exploration geology, which provides him with a solid foundation for his current role at KorrAI. His experience in this field enables him to effectively apply geological principles to remote sensing projects, enhancing the quality and relevance of the spectral analysis conducted at KorrAI.

Simon Irving at KorrAI

Simon Irving is featured on the 'Our Team' section of KorrAI’s website, where he has a dedicated profile and image. This inclusion highlights his integral role within the company and recognizes his contributions to managing integrations and client delivery. His profile on the company website serves as a testament to his expertise and the trust KorrAI places in his skills.

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