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Palitronica Inc was founded in 2019 as a spin-out from the University of Waterloo's Real-time Embedded Software Lab. The company's inception aimed at addressing the growing need to protect critical infrastructure and key resources from cyber threats. Located in Kitchener, Canada, Palitronica has established a partnership with a lab facility in Waterloo, Canada.


Palitronica Inc's mission is to protect critical infrastructure and key resources from cyber threats. The company is committed to advancing security measures in the B2B sector, particularly focusing on industries that require rigorous protection against cyber attacks. Palitronica aims to attract exceptional talent to further its goal of safeguarding critical infrastructure.


The team at Palitronica Inc is composed of hardware and software engineers, security leaders, internationally-recognized security experts, and technology entrepreneurs. This diverse team brings together a wealth of expertise from various fields to enhance the company's security offerings. Palitronica actively seeks talent to join their mission of protecting critical infrastructure.


Palitronica Inc offers products designed to address cyber security needs. These include Anvil Hardware Testing and PowerFuzzer Software Testing, which cater to the critical demands of infrastructure protection. These products are integral to Palitronica's mission of ensuring the security of essential systems against cyber threats.


Palitronica Inc has its headquarters in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, and operates a partner lab facility in Waterloo, Canada. The company also supports remote work across Canada and beyond, demonstrating its flexibility and commitment to accommodating talent from various regions.

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