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Andson Biotech focuses on accelerating the discovery, development, and manufacturing of advanced cell-based therapies. The company aims to make revolutionary therapies such as biologics, cell and gene therapies, tissue engineered medical products, and modern vaccine technologies widely accessible and affordable for all patients. They specialize in developing tools for biomanufacturing to improve cell manufacturing outcomes using in-line biomarker monitoring.


Andson Biotech was selected into the Y Combinator batch W22, marking an important step in their journey. In 2023, they were chosen for the BioTools Innovator Accelerator and the inaugural Merck Digital Sciences Studio Accelerator, underlining their growing influence in the biotech industry. The company is backed by notable investors in the biotech and healthcare sectors and has demonstrated significant progress in developing innovative solutions.


Andson Biotech has established key partnerships to advance their mission. Their collaborators include In Vivo T-Cells, IPSC Derived T-Cells, and Advanced Tissue Manufacturing. These partnerships enable Andson Biotech to push the boundaries of cell-based therapies and improve outcomes for patients globally.


Andson Biotech is at the forefront of innovation in healthcare, having developed the DynaCHIP technology for rapid intracellular mass spectrometry from a small number of cells. Their research includes publications on microfluidics-enabled multi-omics triple-shot mass spectrometry, which has significant implications for cell-based therapies. These developments contribute to their goal of enhancing biomanufacturing processes and improving therapeutic outcomes.

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