Mason A. Chilmonczyk

CEO and Co-Founder @ Andson Biotech arrow icon

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Known information

  • Developed the DynaCHIP technology for his PhD dissertation at the Georgia Institute of Technology under Andrei G. Fedorov
  • Served as the entrepreneurial and technical lead for the DynaCHIP project during his postdoc, securing Biolocity and Georgia Research Alliance funding
  • Worked in hands-on roles including a position at a sheet metal/frame shop and as a design engineer for a pharmaceutical packaging company
  • Served as a consultant on projects ranging from artificial intelligence cancer diagnosis to resonance-based diagnostics sensors
  • Has a PhD from the Georgia Institute of Technology

About Andson Biotech

Andson Biotech, based in Atlanta, GA, specializes in developing advanced cell-based therapies and biomanufacturing tools, with a focus on accessibility and affordability in healthcare.

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