Andrei G. Fedorov

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Professional Titles and Positions

Andrei G. Fedorov holds multiple esteemed positions at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He is an Associate Chair for Graduate Studies, a Professor, and the Rae S. and Frank H. Neely Chair at the Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering. In addition to his academic roles, Fedorov co-founded OpenCell Technologies, which focuses on electrosonic microarray technology for biomolecule delivery and gene transfection.

Education and Expertise

Andrei G. Fedorov's areas of scientific training and expertise encompass electrohydrodynamics, complex fluids, biochemical reaction engineering, biophysics, and MEMS/nanotechnology. His extensive knowledge in these fields supports his varied research and technological innovations.

Key Innovations and Technologies

Andrei G. Fedorov has made significant contributions across diverse fields. His inventions include technologies for thermal management, power generation devices, and bioanalytical technologies. Notable developments involve bioanalytical instrumentation such as microfabricated ion sources for mass spectrometry, scanning electrochemical and mass spectrometry nanoprobes, environmental scanning electron microscopy of biomaterials, and microfluidic devices for biomolecule separation and pre-concentration, as well as gene and drug delivery.

Publications and Patents

Andrei G. Fedorov has authored over 150 archival journal papers, providing substantial contributions to his areas of expertise. Moreover, he is listed as an inventor on over 50 issued and pending patents, underscoring his role in pioneering advancements in science and technology.

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