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Payflow is a company based in Barcelona, Spain, with additional offices in Lisbon, Madrid, Bogotá, and Lima. It operates within the B2B sector, specifically focusing on human resources solutions. The company provides a mobile application that enables employees to access their earned wages on-demand, positioning this service as a significant employee benefit for companies. This app is part of a broader financial wellness platform that also includes flexible compensation options. Payflow is a participant in the Y Combinator S21 batch and has expanded its offerings to include additional products like Saveflow, Learnflow, and Flexflow. The company has gained recognition in the industry, securing several awards such as the 4YFN Awards, South Summit (where it was the Global Winner and Fintech & Insurtech Winner), and the Hot Concepts Hot Talent award. Payflow’s innovative approach to employee benefits has been featured in various media outlets, highlighting its impact in the regions of Europe and Latin America.

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