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About Ramón

Ramón is the VP of Sales at Payflow, a company recognized for its on-demand pay mobile app and financial wellness benefits.

Known information

Ramón serves as the VP of Sales at Payflow, a company that provides a mobile app enabling employees to receive on-demand payments, thereby enhancing financial wellness. He is part of the leadership team alongside Avi and Benoit (Co-founders), Fede (SVP of Growth), Javier (SVP of Strategy), Sergi (SVP of Ops), Pedro Almendro (VP of Tech), and Fede C (VP of Revenue). Payflow has been acknowledged with awards from 4YFN Awards, South Summit, and the Visa Everywhere Initiative, among others. The company operates in the fintech and human resources sectors, offering its services to over 800 companies and benefiting more than 500,000 employees. Payflow is a member of the On Demand Pay International Council and holds a Trust Score of 4.9 based on 104 reviews. The company is ISO 27001 certified, ensuring data security and GDPR compliance.

About Payflow

Payflow is a B2B SaaS company offering a mobile app for on-demand salary access and flexible compensation, operating across Spain, Portugal, Colombia, and Peru.

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