Pedro Almendro

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About Pedro Almendro

Pedro Almendro is the VP of Tech at Payflow, a company focused on enhancing financial well-being through innovative mobile app solutions like Payflow, Saveflow, and Learnflow.

Known information

Pedro Almendro serves as the Vice President of Technology at Payflow, a company dedicated to improving financial well-being through its mobile applications, which include Payflow, Saveflow, and Learnflow. These apps provide users with on-demand salary access and flexible benefits, aiming to enhance employee satisfaction and productivity. Under his leadership, Payflow has significantly impacted its client companies by reducing employee turnover by 21%, improving the employee experience by 10%, and boosting productivity by 11%. The company has been recognized with several awards, including the 4YFN Awards and South Summit, and is a member of the On Demand Pay International Council. Payflow is also ISO 27001 certified, ensuring high standards of data security and user privacy. Additionally, the company’s integration with payroll software minimizes administrative overhead for clients, further supporting over 500,000 employees in achieving better financial stability.

About Payflow

Payflow is a B2B SaaS company offering a mobile app for on-demand salary access and flexible compensation, operating across Spain, Portugal, Colombia, and Peru.

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