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Sergi is the SVP of Ops at Payflow, where he works on enhancing financial wellness services through a mobile app, helping employees access earned wages instantly and achieve saving goals.

SVP of Ops at Payflow

Sergi serves as the Senior Vice President of Operations at Payflow. In this role, he oversees the operational aspects of the company's product offerings, which include Payflow, Saveflow, and Learnflow. Payflow focuses on providing financial wellness services through a comprehensive mobile app. Sergi's role is critical in ensuring that the various products and services operate seamlessly to meet the needs of both employers and employees.

Financial Wellness Services

At Payflow, Sergi is involved in delivering financial wellness services designed to improve the financial stability of employees. The mobile app allows employees to access earned wages instantly, set and achieve savings goals through a virtual piggy bank, and benefit from flexible compensation packages. This multifaceted approach aims to reduce employee turnover and enhance productivity by ensuring financial stability.

Interactive Financial Education

Sergi plays a crucial role in the development of Payflow’s interactive financial education platform. This platform aims to provide employees with practical financial tips and habits. The educational component is integrated within the Payflow app, making it easy for employees to improve their financial literacy alongside managing their finances.

Impact on Employee Financial Well-being

Sergi has contributed to initiatives that have improved the financial well-being of over 500,000 employees. These initiatives include providing on-demand access to earned wages, reducing employee turnover by 21%, and boosting employee productivity by 11%. These efforts have also resulted in a 10% improvement in the overall employee experience.

Awards and Certifications

Under Sergi's strategic leadership, Payflow has received numerous awards and recognitions. The company has been honored with the 4YFN Awards, South Summit Global Winner, and the Visa Everywhere Initiative Award. Additionally, Payflow is ISO 27001 certified, ensuring robust data security and compliance with GDPR standards.

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