Co-fundador @ Payflow

Avi es cofundador de Payflow, una empresa que desarrolla una plataforma de bienestar financiero para trabajadores, con presencia en España, Portugal, Colombia y Perú.

Title at Payflow

Avi is a Co-founder at Payflow. He plays a significant role in steering the company towards achieving its mission of providing a unique social benefit to workers. Alongside Avi, the leadership team comprises key figures such as Benoit, Fede, Javier, Ramón, Sergi, and Pedro Almendro.

Payflow Co-founder

Avi is one of the Co-founders of Payflow. He is involved in the creation of a financial wellness platform aimed at delivering substantial value to employees and their employers. Payflow operates in four countries: Spain, Portugal, Colombia, and Peru, expanding its reach and impact in the financial wellness sector.

Financial Wellness Platform Creation

Avi contributes to the development of a financial wellness platform under the banner of Payflow. The platform assists workers in achieving better financial health and aims to provide meaningful social benefits. Avi’s efforts are aligned with the company's vision of enhancing workplace satisfaction and financial security.

Team Values at Payflow

Avi is part of a team at Payflow that emphasizes the importance of effort, improvement, and happiness at work. The company culture is built around these values, fostering an environment where employees are encouraged to thrive and grow.

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