Touch and Pay Technologies Limited

Company Overview

Touch and Pay Technologies Limited is a fintech company based in Lagos, Nigeria. It operates within the payments sub-industry and focuses on processing cash-based microtransactions across Africa's informal sector. The company is part of the Y Combinator W22 batch and employs a team of 55 people. Touch and Pay aims to provide transparency, accountability, and profitability through simple technology.


Touch and Pay Technologies offers a variety of services aimed at enhancing financial inclusiveness and literacy in Africa. The company helps over 300,000 people make payments for bus rides and offers a dynamic suite of NFC-powered solutions. Their Cowry card works offline for payments, and the Cowry app is available for online transactions. Clients come from sectors including health, identity management, events, transportation, education, and agency services.


Touch and Pay Technologies provides unique products designed for simplifying microtransactions. The Cowry card, which functions offline, and the Cowry app for online payments are key offerings. These products are tailored to cater to the transportation sector, among others, targeting users who need reliable and straightforward payment methods.

Industry Focus

Touch and Pay operates in the fintech industry, specifically focusing on payments. The company plays a crucial role in processing microtransactions in Africa, striving to create a more financially inclusive environment. Their work spans various sectors, including transportation, health, identity management, and education, aiming to redefine how microtransactions are handled in Africa.

Mission and Goals

Touch and Pay Technologies has a clear mission to digitize and process microtransactions in Africa. The company aims to increase financial inclusion and literacy by making payments more accessible and straightforward. They actively work towards transforming the financial landscape in Africa, ensuring transparency, accountability, and profitability through their technological solutions.

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Touch and Pay Technologies Limited Employees

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