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Exa, previously known as Exa Search, operates primarily from San Francisco, CA, with an additional presence in New York, NY. The company, which participated in the Y-Combinator S21 batch, employs a team of seven and serves the B2B sector, specifically focusing on integrating the world’s knowledge into AI applications. Exa offers a search engine that not only understands the meaning behind queries but also provides results that traditional search engines might miss. This technology is particularly built for AI applications, featuring capabilities such as embeddings-based search, flexible search, page content retrieval, customizability, and similarity search. Developers can explore these features through a playground on Exa’s website and can access comprehensive documentation to assist with API integration. The API allows for complex queries, filtering internet content, and retrieving specific page content. Exa supports its community with a free tier offering 1000 requests per month, and maintains an active presence on social media platforms like X and Discord. The company is trusted by notable entities such as OpenAI, Chirper, Langchain, New Computer, MIT, and LlamaIndex. Additionally, Exa provides a blog, a privacy policy, and a careers section on its website.

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