Sarah Chieng

Technical Staff @ Exa

Sarah Chieng is a Technical Staff member who studied Computer Science at MIT, previously created content on TikTok, and founded Thrifthouse.

Title and Role

Sarah Chieng holds the position of Technical Staff. In this role, Sarah is responsible for performing key technical functions that contribute to the organization’s operations and success. Her responsibilities align with her technical skills and background in computer science.

Education and Technical Background

Sarah Chieng studied computer science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). This educational background from one of the top institutions in the world provided her with a strong foundation in various aspects of computer science, equipping her with the knowledge and skills necessary for her technical role.

Previous Content Creation on TikTok

Before establishing herself in the technical field, Sarah Chieng created content on TikTok. This experience likely involved producing engaging videos that resonated with her audience, showcasing her ability to connect with people through digital platforms.

Founder of Thrifthouse

Sarah Chieng is the founder of Thrifthouse. In this entrepreneurial role, she led the creation and development of the company, focusing on its mission and business strategies. Through Thrifthouse, Sarah demonstrated her initiative and leadership capabilities, marking her entry into the business world.

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